Remembering our roots

Tino Galizio

For the first few years, Tino was the CFO and Project Manager for Second Bit. He co-founded the company, and took on the thankless job of jumping through all the legal hoops New York State requires of LLCs. He also acted as our Project Manager, trying to keep projects on time and under budget.

Dylan Staley

For a brief period, Dylan was the Prettymaker in Chief at Second Bit. It was his responsibility to ensure that our user interfaces were aesthetically pleasing and that our user experiences were delightful, and he managed both tasks remarkably well, starting an aesthetic refresh that touched every corner of our flagship product. A loan from LSU for a semester, Dylan has returned to academia to pursue his degree.

You can never leave.

We have a habit of working with the people that are important to us. People aren't important to us because we work together, we work together because people are important to us. We really enjoy making things with people that we genuinely like.

Sometimes, though, opportunities come up, adventures rear their heads, and life gets in the way. So we have to stop making things with those people we love, and let them go off on their own. It's always sad to see them go, but we're happy they're following their hearts. And while we may no longer be making things with them, we still love these people dearly.

This page is for them. The people that helped shape Second Bit, who made it what it is, but sadly are no longer with us. They're not part of the team, but they deserve to be remembered, anyways.