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gets by

gets by is a collection of stories about living with a mental illness, as told by the tech community.


Shipped is an App.net client with one purpose: to keep track of what you do every day.


Wendy is an implementation of the Pastry distributed hash table algorithm. Written in Go, it provides a basic building block for distributed applications.


2cloud is the most well-known and well-reviewed product that Second Bit has worked on yet. With tens of thousands of users from all over the world, it is by far the most-loved product we've ever released.

2cloud helps to break down the barriers between devices. When using your Android phone, a couple of taps let you open any URL you like on your computer, instantly.

Free as in freedom

We open source our projects because we want people to use them for things we haven't even thought of doing yet. To encourage this, we make sure to license our projects under the most permissive OSI-Approved License we can. We don't want to cut off any avenue of innovation.

Breaking down problems

Generally, when we're building a project, we try to break it down into as many reusable components as we can. This makes our products more a process of building lots of little components, then tying them all together than of building a single-use product. We like the flexibility this gives us, and it makes it easy for us to release these projects for public use.

Pull requests encouraged

Part of what we love about open source is the community around it. We love engaging in that community, and so welcome pull requests on Github from the community. If you think you can improve or expand one of our projects, we'd love your contribution. Just check the README in each repository for our submission process and criteria.