You're pretty awesome. We'd like to meet you.

You don't call, you don't write...

We're starting to think you don't love us.

In all seriousness, though, we love meeting new people. Just be cautious; if you get us talking about the things we're passionate about, we may never shut up again. If you're looking to try your luck, here's how to find us:

  • We're on Twitter. Send us an @-mention—we're @secondbit. You can also follow the team, if you think the people behind Second Bit are as cool as the company is (we are).
  • If Facebook is more your thing, don't worry—we've got a page set up over there, too, though we must confess we don't use it as much as we use Twitter. Like us! We like you.
  • Love Google+? Good, so do we. We've got a page set up over there, too, and we occasionally use it to host public Hangouts, solicit feedback, share what we're working on, or just talk with people.
  • If you're not really into that whole "social media" thing or want a more private form of communication, we're kind of addicted to our email. Send an email to and say.. err.. hello.
  • For our open source projects, we use Github. We'd be flattered if you forked us.
  • Need something a bit more instant? Everyone on our team has a Google Talk account set up. Just use their Second Bit email address when adding a buddy, and you can chat with us.
  • Finally, if you want to hear a human voice (sometimes it's nice!), you can always give Paddy a call. His number is +1 (716) 771-2486, and he loves talking to people, so don't hesitate to call. If he doesn't pick up, just leave a voicemail. He'll call you back. Pinky promise.

Nothing like the human touch

For us, software is about the people. So we try to keep a healthy line of communication between us and our customers, our peers, and the people we admire—it's hard to build for people you never talk to! We love hearing stories about how are software is used, learning what makes each of our users unique and awesome, and chatting about tech with people, so please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Ghosts in the machine

Technically, we have an office. Mainly because New York State requires us to have a headquarters they can serve us legal notices at. But one of the wonderful things about software is that we can build it from anywhere we are.

So if you were planning on dropping by our offices... Well, Tino will wonder why strangers are knocking on his apartment door. Instead, get in touch, and we'll find some place to meet up!