Meet Paddy Foran

Introducing Paddy

Paddy is the lead developer for Second Bit. He’s in charge of making all of our products and projects work. As a founder, he steers the company’s general direction, and is responsible for its ties to the hacker ethic.

Day Job

Paddy’s full-time employment is as a Software Engineer at DramaFever, a video streaming service for international content. This is what he does in his free time.

Tech Specs

Paddy’s language of choice is Go, but he’s also proficient with Python, Javascript, and Java (when he can’t avoid it). He has an intense dislike of Ruby, but will claim he’s not serious if pressed. We don’t believe him.

He believes in discrete, redundant, and specialised cloud services that can be combined to create an application, much like Lego blocks combine to make super cool spaceships.

About Paddy

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