What did you do today?

About Shipped

Shipped is a very bare-bones, minimal client for App.net. It does not let you read posts, it does not support attachments or images or anything else. It has one purpose, and one purpose only: it helps you keep track of what you do every day.

It's really easy to get caught up in being busy without actually being productive. Shipped was created to help us measure how much we were actually getting done each day, with the theory being that once we start to measure our productivity, our productivity will increase.

Paddy's eponymous App.net account for this can be followed here if you're interested in keeping up with what he's doing every day.

To install Shipped, simply run go get secondbit.org/shipped (making sure your $GOPATH/bin folder is part of your PATH) and then run the shipped command. After setting up your access token the first time the program is run, you can write a brief message about what you did that will be posted to App.net. Every time you accomplish something during the day, take a couple seconds to ship it. You'll have a running log of everything you've done.