Today is a very exciting day here at Second Bit. We are very pleased to welcome Dylan Staley to our team on a temporary basis. Dylan will be taking charge of our user experience and user interface, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Thanks, LSU

Dylan is on loan to us temporarily from his university, LSU, as part of an independent learning program. LSU decided that working with us was a sufficiently educational experience to postpone his formal education over, so Dylan didn’t have to choose between doing something he loves and getting his degree. The world needs more programs like that.

Unfortunately, we only get Dylan for a short time—one semester, to be exact. LSU will be taking him back at the end of the Fall semester, and we’ll have to bid him goodbye… for the time being, at least. As sad as that will be, we’re stoked we get him for even a few months, and we’re going to make the most of them.

Not Quite A New Face

Some of you may know Dylan already. He’s a somewhat-familiar face around these parts. He has long since been involved in (and instrumental to) our 2cloud service, and his logos and branding grace thousands of our customers’ devices. Prior to today, however, he has always been employed on a volunteer basis; as an open source project, anyone can contribute to 2cloud—an opportunity Dylan took advantage of. We’re really excited to officially bring him into the fold today.

Our plans for Dylan aren’t set in stone yet. It’s not so much deciding what he can do; rather, we need to narrow down which of the many things we could use his help on we want to prioritise. We’re going to try to make the most of his expertise in user experience, responsive and clean design, and our branding efforts.

Please join us in welcoming Dylan as our new Prettymaker In Chief. You can tweet him or email him at his shiny new address: