Our Old Friend Tino Galizio

Our Old Friend Tino

For the first few years, Tino was the CFO and Project Manager for Second Bit. He co-founded the company, and took on the thankless job of jumping through all the legal hoops New York State requires of LLCs. He also acted as our Project Manager, trying to keep projects on time and under budget.


After graduating (magna cum laude) from Canisius College with four undergraduate majors including History and International Relations, Tino found the job market of 2009-10 less than ideal and decided to make a change. That change end up being "co-found a software company", and it was his proudest endeavour.

Following the founding of Second Bit, Tino returned to Canisius to receive his Master’s degree in Business Administration. Degree in hand, he returned to usher in new levels of productivity and organisation within the company.

Future Plans

While Tino’s next steps aren’t set in stone yet, he can always be found attempting to re-master the French language, writing a book about the Russian-Georgian conflict, or re-watching the movie Hook. Seriously, he watches that movie at least once a week.

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