Our Old Friend Dylan Staley

Our Old Friend Dylan

For a brief period, Dylan was the Prettymaker in Chief at Second Bit. It was his responsibility to ensure that our user interfaces were aesthetically pleasing and that our user experiences were delightful, and he managed both tasks remarkably well, starting an aesthetic refresh that touched every corner of our flagship product. A loan from LSU for a semester, Dylan has returned to academia to pursue his degree.

Vital Signs

Dylan is a twenty-years-young native of Louisiana, and he would appreciate it if you kept the Cajun jokes to a maximum of one per day, thank you very much. As the Prettymaker in Chief of Second Bit, he spent an astronomical amount of time obsessing over gradients and drop shadows. Some would call him compulsive, but we just lovingly call him thorough.

After Hours

When he’s not trying to convince someone that rgba is the superior method to specify colors, Dylan enjoys photography, spoken word poetry, and writing novels in short spans of time.

About Dylan

  • Previous Title: Prettymaker in Chief
  • Joined Second Bit: September 26, 2012
  • Left Second Bit: January 14th, 2013
  • Website: http://dstaley.me
  • Twitter: @dstaley