2cloud: Tap. Share. Anywhere.

About 2cloud

2cloud is the most well-known and well-reviewed product that Second Bit has worked on yet. With tens of thousands of users from all over the world, it is by far the most-loved product we’ve ever released.

2cloud helps to break down the barriers between devices. When using your Android phone, a couple of taps let you open any URL you like on your computer, instantly.

2cloud is comprised of an Android app, a Chrome extension, and a web server. We’re working hard on an iteration of all three of those, along with adding new browsers and mobile clients to the mix. Our goal is to let you move content between your devices effortlessly; we want your content to follow you to whatever device is most convenient to consume it on.

We have a special place in our heart for the project; it was the impetus behind forming Second Bit. It was our first product, and it taught us more than we could’ve dreamed about business and technology.

True to its roots, we keep 2cloud open source and easy to host on your own hardware. We have absolutely no interest in being a content company. We want to build things, not find ways to make money off your content. It’s really important to us that you have a choice as to who you entrust your data to, and we do our best to earn that trust when you choose us.



"If you've got something loaded on your Android that you'd like to see in a full browser, you could email it, copy/paste the link, or just try and remember. Or use android2cloud to instantly open the link in Chrome."
-- Kevin Purdy of Lifehacker

"There are two prevailing methods for migrating a website from your phone to your desktop display: You can retype the URL by hand (a big pain) or email the link to yourself (a smaller pain, but a pain nonetheless). Enter 2cloud, which beams sites directly from the Share Page menu in the Android browser to a Google Chrome window on your desktop."
-- Kyle VanHemert of Wired